Gym Programs

We offer a variety of classes for every gymnastics level.



In the recreational program, athletes will learn all of the basic skills of gymnastics – including detailed instruction on Olympic events – while developing their love for sport. This program is designed to cater to each athlete’s individual needs, allowing for individualized development within a structured schedule.

Recreational Homeschool Program

This class is designed for homeschool children who would like to engage in an active lifestyle and add extra curricular to their day. This class allows these children to be part of a group setting while developing basic gymnastics skills.

Girls Team

The girls team program is designed for competitive athletes. It is a more rigorous by nature, requiring an increased commitment by the athlete. This program includes JO and Xcel. Athletes train between 9 and 15 hours per week. *Coaches recommendation required.

Elite Program

The elite program consists of different groups (such as TOPs, Hopes, Junior and Senior) at the highest level of training. It is highly selective in nature and demands at least 30 hours of training per week. *Coaches recommendation required.

Competitive Day Program

The homeschool program is designed for athletes who are interested in an all-day training regimen. It follows a strict training schedule and affords the athletes more time to focus their time on further developing their skills. *Coaches recommendation required.


The pre-school program is designed for the youngest of gymnasts, starting as early as 12 months of age. Each class is 50 minutes long and is devised to further the early development of motor skills, balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.


This class is intended for ages 15 & up. It is for the athlete that wants to start the sport a little later in life or for the retired gymnast that wants to come in and “scratch that gymnastics itch”. All levels are welcome.


Come celebrate any event with us! Guests will enjoy one hour and fifteen minutes of gymnastics instruction and games followed by 45 minutes of refreshment time.

Private/Small Group

These classes are for athletes looking for 1-on-1 or small group training to improve on a certain skill, learn something new or practice additional hours in advance of a big meet. Each class is designed in tandem with the athlete(s) to satisfy the desired goals.