Welcome to Leyva Gymnastics Academy (LGA), inspired by 3-time Olympic medalist Danell Leyva, located in the heart of West Kendall Florida. The founders of LGA have over 30 years of combined experience training athletes. We are committed to giving our athletes and families a safe and friendly environment to practice the sport they love. Our coaches are all safety certified and will provide an enjoyable learning experience that caters to each athlete’s individual needs. We are here to motivate all of our athletes, from beginners to professionals and from preschool age to national team members, to reach their highest potential.

At Leyva Gymnastics Academy, we believe in Chasing Dreams and Building Champions!

Our Coaches

Jeanne Barrera


Jeanne Barrera started her coaching career as a Recreational Coach, from 2003 to 2005. In 2005, she began coaching the Competitive Team. During that time, she has trained various athletes at the national and international level who have achieved prestigious accolades. She is also a Development National Team Coach.

Jeanne’s love for gymnastics started at a young age.  She was a Competitive Team gymnast from 1995 – 2005, where she was multiple times over a USA Gymnastics State, Regional and National Qualifier.  She was awarded many 1st place finishes at both domestic and international competitions.  She went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Fitness studies from Florida International University.  At Leyva Gymnastics Academy, Jeanne’s goal is to embed in her students not only a love for the sport and its physical rigors but also an appreciation for many the lessons learned during practice (such as perseverance and cooperation) which are useful tools for all, even long after leaving the gym.

Maria Gonzalez


Maria Gonzalez began gymnastics as a student at the National School of Gymnastics in Havana, Cuba, where she practiced for 6 years.  She was then a member of the Cuban National Team for 4 years.  During her time as a gymnast, Maria repeatedly placed first in many competitions within Cuba as well as for her vault performance at the Pan-American Games.  On the international stage, Maria was a competitor and finalist and the International level in Poland, Germany and Hungary Olympic Hopeful Games.
Maria went on to obtain a Masters degree in Sports, specializing in gymnastics from ISCF Manuel Fajarado.  She began her gymnastics coaching career as a Professor of Gymnastics at the University of Matanzas in Cuba.  She then went on to coach at various gyms in the Miami area.  In 1995, she became the Head Coach of the Girls Team at an area gym, where she remained in that position until 2017, when she left to start Leyva Gymnastics Academy.  She has coached girls at the national and international level at competitions such as World Cups, World Championships and the Olympics.

Influenced in part by her son, Olympic medalist Danell Leyva, and the positive influence gymnastics had on his life as a whole, Maria’s vision is to foster an environment where all gymnasts, competitive and recreational alike, reap the benefits of participating in the sport.

What We Offer

  • Recreational Gymnastics Boys/Girls
  • Girls Team Gymnastics
  • TOPs, Hopes and Elite program
  • Competitive Day Program
  • Recreational Homeschool Classes
  • Adult Classes
  • Preschool Gymnastics (1-4 years) Boys/Girls
  • Parties